2020, Senior Thesis Project
Speculative App Design for Museum Exhibition
Tools:, Adobe AfterEffects, Photoshop

Problem: Multilingual exhibit signage takes up a lot of physical space and is expensive to produce. QR codes and a museum app can help, but visitors don't want to download a different app for every museum.
Solution: create one multilingual app that is usable in every museum and encourages continued exploration to museums in the user's area.

MULTI is a speculative app that explores how museums can engage multilingual audiences in the future. MULTI can be used in galleries or at home to explore museums through any language. It encourages users to continue to continue exploring by suggesting other museums and allowing users to bookmark pieces to read later. It was created as a flexible tool for museums to attract new visitors and international travelers with revolutionary levels of public accessibility.
A special thanks to Elisa Martinez for Spanish translation
All images, text, and translations included in app were taken directly from the institution's website.
MULTI Branding Guide
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