X Quantities Design
Founded 2018
Freelance LLC and independent print publication
Tools: Adobe Suite, Print Production Processes, Risograph, Letterpress
Exhibited at: "We're Not Dead Yet" Graphic Design Publishing Fair, Richmond, 2019.

Trivia Fact: The name X Quantities Press is based on a John Cage quote: "We're breaking all of the rules. Ever our own rules. And how do we do that? By leaving plenty of room for X quantities."

X Quantities Design is my freelance LLC and printing press moniker. This collection of work is all projects that I produced for sale at design fairs or personal projects. Some of these XQD projects use unconventional printing processes such as risograph and printing press machines.

"Change in Me", 2018. 18x24 matte poster, imagery from public use Railroad postcards. Lyrics from "Homecoming" by Josh Ritter

"Holy Potato" 2019. Foldable poster/book. Letterpress collaboration with Bowe House Press, Richmond.
"You Cannot Kill Me" 2019, 11x17 Risograph poster. Limited run.
Selected page from "The Smell of Rain Soaking into the Desert ~ and other very specific things that you like" 2018. Risograph zine.
"Write when you get work", 2019. Dedicated to and inspired by my grandmother, Joan Connolly.
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